Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm even more famous-er!

Well, well, I'm in the funny papers now! I was quoted in a USA Today article by Rita Rubin on dialysis. I only have a small part in the article, though I gave quite a bit of an interview. I hope this article gets some people moving on finding workable solutions for medical treatment and costs.

I will proselytize on Nitey Nite. For now, I will just bask in my famousosity. Here's a link to the article.


Friday, July 31, 2009

Anonymous is famous because...

I should get a kidney because about 35 years ago, I was driving a boat and came to close to shore too fast. Someone called the police and I got in trouble. My name was put in the "Edgerton, WI" (population about 50)newspaper. I think that made me famous! Oh, and one time I was almost a guest on the Oprah show to get a make over. Almost, not quite, but I still think that should qualify me as being famous! Wouldn't you agree???

Restorer is famous because...

I'm famous and deserve a kidney. How am I famous? I'm related to The Famous Moose! He belongs to my father. Check him out on Twitter too.

Kitsune is famous because...

I am famous and deserve a kidney because I know Gus G.from the internationally famous power metal band Firewind. That, and I've done local modeling as a teen. Oh yeah, and I've appeared in the local paper when I was eight, sitting on the lap of someone dressed in a woolybear costume. There! I'm triply famous. Where's my kidney, Larry King?

Anonymous aka as YLGuy is famous because...

Anonymous said... Hi,

I am famous and deserve a kidney. I am famous because in 1968 an artist named Ward Brackett was commissioned to do a stamp commemorating police officers. My father was a police officer in the same town as Mr. Brackett and he knew my father had modeling experience and 2 sons. So, that is how I ended up on a united states postage stamp. How many people have licked your backside?


Anonymous has struck again-- and is therefore, very famous!

Well, I have had a few people send me their entries into the Win a Kidney Sweepstakes--ooops, I mean, I'm Famous- Give me A Kidney blog. I think it's hilarious that the "name" of several "famous people" is Anonymous, hehehe. Ah well. Everyone should continue sending in their entries via the Comments section. I will take the time to then post your acceptable entries to the blog.

Thanks for participating. And let me know if this blog works for you and you get a kidney-- though that would be wonky beyond belief, hehehe...


Thursday, July 16, 2009

You, too, can be famous!

So, how do you get to be a famous person and get organs thrown at you? Er, um, not like pipe organs or anything like that...not musical instruments-- that would be painful. I mean, kidneys. Well, just post to the comments section for now and when I have time, I will add your famousness to a post on this blog.

Now I can't guarantee this bit of mojo--proclaiming your famousosity and getting a transplant-- will work for you. This is an experiment... until we all get booked on Larry King. Larry apparently has the magic, you know. Did you see what happened to Natalie Cole? Larry may even be working right now on getting you-know-who raised from the dead. I'll keep you posted!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm famous-- give me a kidney!

Ok, I've seen how Miss Natalie Cole worked the system and got a kidney by appearing on Larry King. Now I've created a blog for the rest of us, where we can declare our notoriety and have the kidneys just roll in for those of us that need a replacement organ to...um... live.

Let me tell you how this works. If you are a chronic kidney disease patient who's tired of having celebrities go to the front of the line because they use their famewhoredom to get a transplant, you can log in to this blog and post an "Introduce Yourself...alright...Introduce Yourself...alright."

I'll get us started by telling you why I'm famous and should have people offer me their kidneys.

When I was six years old, I entered a citywide talent show offered by the department of Parks and Recreation in Fort Worth, Texas. I was a solo baton-twirling entry. I ended up winning the whole sha-bang-- and I wasn't even old enough to enter the contest-- you had to be seven! (My mom was a bit chagrined when I revealed my age during my newspaper interview, hehehe). I won a trophy and got to have my picture taken while holding a chimpanzee (don't ask!) for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

There ya go. I'm a championship baton twirler. That's why I'm famous and deserve a kidney.

But wait! There's more! I was also in the newspaper 25 years later-- and no, I wasn't still twirling. My family was chosen as "family of the week" for our local newspaper. I'm such a dweeb, though, I sent in a picture of us in pilgrim outfits for our family portrait. Squee!

Yes, I am doubly famous, so I should get TWO kidney transplants. Take that, Natalie Cole!

Ok, I've gotten us started. Now you share why you're famous so you can get your very own kidney transplant.