Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Transplant Evaluation in 8 hours.

Ok, I have another transplant evaluation in 8 hours-- this time in San Antonio. Maybe I can make the rounds of all the transplant programs in the USA, so I can have all the kidneys I'll need to keep on living another 20 years or so.

Since I'm a celebrity, I'm expecting the transplant evaluators to have a kidney waiting for me tomorrow, at my first appt with them. That should work out just great, because I'm really busy next week and I don't have time to come in for my celebrity kidney.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm even more famous-er!

Well, well, I'm in the funny papers now! I was quoted in a USA Today article by Rita Rubin on dialysis. I only have a small part in the article, though I gave quite a bit of an interview. I hope this article gets some people moving on finding workable solutions for medical treatment and costs.

I will proselytize on Nitey Nite. For now, I will just bask in my famousosity. Here's a link to the article.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Anonymous is famous because...

I should get a kidney because about 35 years ago, I was driving a boat and came to close to shore too fast. Someone called the police and I got in trouble. My name was put in the "Edgerton, WI" (population about 50)newspaper. I think that made me famous! Oh, and one time I was almost a guest on the Oprah show to get a make over. Almost, not quite, but I still think that should qualify me as being famous! Wouldn't you agree???

Restorer is famous because...

I'm famous and deserve a kidney. How am I famous? I'm related to The Famous Moose! He belongs to my father. Check him out on Twitter too.

Kitsune is famous because...

I am famous and deserve a kidney because I know Gus G.from the internationally famous power metal band Firewind. That, and I've done local modeling as a teen. Oh yeah, and I've appeared in the local paper when I was eight, sitting on the lap of someone dressed in a woolybear costume. There! I'm triply famous. Where's my kidney, Larry King?

Anonymous aka as YLGuy is famous because...

Anonymous said... Hi,

I am famous and deserve a kidney. I am famous because in 1968 an artist named Ward Brackett was commissioned to do a stamp commemorating police officers. My father was a police officer in the same town as Mr. Brackett and he knew my father had modeling experience and 2 sons. So, that is how I ended up on a united states postage stamp. How many people have licked your backside?


Anonymous has struck again-- and is therefore, very famous!

Well, I have had a few people send me their entries into the Win a Kidney Sweepstakes--ooops, I mean, I'm Famous- Give me A Kidney blog. I think it's hilarious that the "name" of several "famous people" is Anonymous, hehehe. Ah well. Everyone should continue sending in their entries via the Comments section. I will take the time to then post your acceptable entries to the blog.

Thanks for participating. And let me know if this blog works for you and you get a kidney-- though that would be wonky beyond belief, hehehe...